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The Biggest Mistake To Avoid After A House Fire

The Biggest Mistake To Avoid After A House Fire

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a house fire is trusting in the insurance company to conduct a full, unbiased, and thorough investigation of the claim.

Insurance Adjusters are legally obligated to their employer, which is the insurance company. Forget the advertising, forget the slogans and remember insurance companies use advertising to make money. They are for-profit organizations.

During the claims process, insurance companies hold a big advantage over their policyholders. Corporate, well-funded insurance companies are set up and armed with groups of legal experts, forensic experts, adjusters and more, all with the intention and goal to pay out the least amount of money as possible to the property owners and victims of the fire.

How Does An Insurance Company Make Their Profits?

It’s simple, insurance companies make money by accepting premiums and denying claims. However, that’s just one avenue of generating high profits. There are many other ways shady insurance companies scam the insured. Typically, policyholders do not understand the claim process or their duties in the case of a loss.

Policyholders are not experienced or trained in handling emergency situations. Homeowners, the policyholder or sometimes called insured are clearly unable to balance issues such as preserving and protecting the damaged property, estimating and preparing claims, taking care of family and setting up temporary housing, etc.

You want to move fast in these situations. However, moving too fast or too slow is fatal to the ultimate resolution of the claim. Without knowledge of the policy coverage, exclusions, and interpretations the insured will feel helpless when confronted with the insurance company’s settlement offer. Or worse, the denial of the fire claim.

Often, the insured recovers far less than what the policy provides. After a fire or other loss, the insured is urged to seek a consultation.

Call Harris Right Away To Avoid Mistakes Or Getting Taken Advantage Of

You were already the victim of a house fire, don’t become a victim of the insurance company also.

Get the knowledge, power, and leverage to handle matters like this with the “Harris Advantage”. All consultations are no hassle, and free of charge.

We have had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for over 20 years now, plus we have been awarded the BBB Complaint Free certification. We are licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of Illinois.

Put your mind at ease and call Jason Harris at 847-329-8444. We fight for you, NOT the insurance company! Getting you 35% more on your claim, even up to 200% more than what the insurance company wants to dish out is not unheard of at our firm.

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