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Do Attorneys Estimate & Settle Claims Like Public Adjusters?


The Question On Everyone’s Mind, Why Not Just Hire An Attorney – Why Is Harris Claims Services Better Than Other Insurance Adjusting Companies?

Harris Claims Services is different than any other public adjusting company. Harris Claims Services has the unique advantage of offering the property owner unsurpassed knowledge and expertise when it comes to fire adjusting and fire repairs. The Company is owned by Jason Harris – Jason Harris is a practicing Attorney. He has been practicing law and litigating against insurance companies for over two decades. He and his public adjusting firm are experienced in all fields of claims adjusting from the disaster site, to the boardroom, to the negotiating table, to the courtroom if necessary. When you hire the firm of Harris Claims Services you are not hiring a Law Firm. You are hiring a Public Adjusting firm that not only understands the claims aspects and procedures but also the laws that apply to them. No other firm in the Chicagoland area can claim they have the experience and knowledge that Harris Claims Services does. Jason Harris and his team of adjusters and staff provide their clients with the Harris Advantage – that specialized knowledge and expertise of claims estimating, processing and settlement from start to finish. They understand insurance policy obligations, time period requirements, demolition requirements imposed by the city of Chicago or township, proof of loss documentation, construction and more.

My Property Is Destroyed. Should I Hire A Public Adjuster Or Use My Own Attorney?

You should of course always confer with your attorney. But understand this. Most attorneys rely on companies like Harris Claims Services to handle the claims. Attorneys are usually only involved in the claims after the claim has been denied by the insurance company. Moreover, while some attorneys say they may handle the matter for you, the fact is, that these attorneys will usually refer out your claim to a public adjuster. Do you really believe the attorney is going into a burnt up building with a tape measure and flashlight? NOT A CHANCE! They hire public adjusters to be their experts AND rely on our knowledge and expertise. We make attorneys look good. However, please be VERY CAREFUL about any attorney who claims they can negotiate a building settlement when they have never themselves written a building claim. There are attorneys who claim they can settle these types of claims and will only charge you 10%, the same as a public claims adjuster. Do not be fooled but be VERY WARY of these types of attorneys. Chances are they are not fully and completely estimating and investigating all aspects and damages of the loss. Ask these attorneys, who will be estimating the damages? Who will write up the contents sheets? Who will get dirty and covered in smoke and soot while arguing the claims at the job site? Almost certainly Not the attorney. One of our founders, Jason Harris is himself a practicing Attorney. He understands how to organize and run a public adjusting company. Again you are not hiring Harris Claims Services as a law firm. However, we understand these complicated matters. HARRIS CLAIMS SERVICES receives referrals from many of Chicago’s most successful and prestigious attorneys. We are fully Bonded, Tested and licensed by the Illinois Department of Insurance with decades of years of experience in assisting our clients.

Why Don’t Attorneys Just Handle The Claims Themselves?

The ANSWER is REALLY SIMPLE; knowledgeable and concerned Attorneys understand that their clients deserve the best representation. Attorneys understand that it takes a team of experts to properly prepare claims, negotiate and get them settled. Our offices, at HARRIS CLAIMS SERVICES, provide such a service. NO other Attorney or NO other Public Insurance Adjuster can make the claims and provide the services like WE CAN. That’s why we work Chicago’s top law firms. It’s that simple! The reality is there are two types of attorneys who are involved in matters such as this. The respectable and knowledgeable ones will NOT try and claim they are experts but rather will embrace and use a qualified Public Adjusting Firm to further the interests of the property owner. Then there are the others who do not use or employee Public Adjusters to assist property owners and claim they can provide the same services. They simply cannot. Those attorneys have never passed the Public Adjusters exam, have never completed an estimate, or even understand construction and adjusting but will yet claim they can provide the same services as a Public Adjuster and do it one their own. VERY DOUBTFUL. The shocking advertisements for such go on to advise how to cancel a Public Adjuster and hire them for 10%. Please be wary of such and don’t be fooled by any attorney claiming he or she can adjust the claim for 10% as well as our office. Ask any attorney you are considering if he himself has taken and passed the public adjusters exam. You will most likely find he has not. To act as a public adjuster one must have passed the public adjuster exam.

There may be other “Complicating Factors” involved in your loss such as a bankruptcy, pre–foreclosure, foreclosure, separation, divorce, death, arson etc. Those cross over matters complicate matters more often than one would imagine. Special attention to the file and claims settlement must be observed in those situations. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to handle a loss in any situation. These are things you need to be made aware of in your insurance policy. Types of coverage, hidden extensions of coverage, limitations of coverage, deadlines to file paperwork, total loss methods of payouts on your claim, etc.

For these and many other reasons, a Harris Claims Services’ review of your loss can only help bring the recovery of your damaged property to a more successful closure and peace of mind.

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How Is All This Knowledge Managed To Maximize My Insurance Recovery?

Jason Harris, with 25 years of exclusive insurance claims litigation, knowledge and experience, and 20 years of Public Insurance Adjusting knowledge and experience, manages the day–to–day operations of our office and catastrophe team of experts at Harris Claims Services. Mr. Harris has also been practicing law for over twenty years. Mr. Harris’ experience in this area is extensive. A little background as to the manager and operator of Harris Claims Services is helpful in understanding what separates us from the rest. As a separate and distinct business, The Law Offices of Jason Harris have been specializing in protecting the rights of homeowners and fighting the insurance companies for more than 20 years. Jason Harris is an attorney and well–known and respected public insurance adjuster in the Chicagoland area. He has and continues to train and supervise his team of Public Adjusters and staff experts at Harris Claims Services. In other words the Adjusters and staff at Harris Claims Services have the unique experience of being trained and overseen by someone who had years of experience and training in the legal field of claims adjusting. This does not create an attorney-client relationship. However, the experience Jason Harris has acquired is put to work for you as a Public Adjuster, regardless of whether it was acquired in the Court Room, burnt up building or the negotiating table. When you retain Harris Claims Services you are not creating an attorney-client relationship but a public adjuster-client relationship where our team of experts works for you the victim.

Often the question is, “Should I hire an attorney or a public claims adjuster?” CALL TODAY AT 847-329-8444 and have your claim reviewed by an expert who has years of experience as a public adjuster – who has fought and has negotiated with insurance companies for over twenty years. We know how to get the job done and done right. Remember, knowledge is power and power is leverage. There is simply NO SUBSTITUTE for knowledge when it comes to preparing and negotiating insurance claims. The more you know the more power you have. It is often said, “That the best person to represent your interests is one who has experience dealing with similar issues.”


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