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Fire Do’s and Don’ts  [the Quick List]

Fire Do’s and Don’ts [the Quick List]

At Harris Claims Services we are experts in fire repairs & restoration, and fire adjusting. So, here is the fire do’s and don’ts short list. Call us to learn more and educate yourself before you sign any documents or trust anyone to assist you. If you’ve just experienced a fire in your home or property, you might be wondering what the next steps are.

The 3 most important things to do immediately after a fire…

1) Follow All Safety Instructions Provided By Your Local Fire Department

If possible, open the doors to move the smoke out of the house and away from other rooms. Take all precautions and move pets and kids to an environment away from the smoke and fire, such as your neighbor’s house or somewhere you trust will provide immediate aid. Smoke contains carcinogenic gases that can affect their health and yours. Once everyone is safe and sound, plan to move them to live with friends or family until the fire restoration is complete.

2) Call Harris Claims Services Fire Restoration. Harris Fire Repair are the Experts.

You will need professional help, so hire a fire remediation specialist, a fire repair expert, who can start restoring your home or property as soon as possible. Insurance policies require that you mitigate the damages by making sure burning and smoldering in the building stops. Your are be required to board up your property to safe guard it from further damage. Chicago Board Up Services is highly recommended. Harris Claims Services provides free estimates, has over 30 years of experience and is available when you need us most. If you’ve just experienced a fire disaster in your home or property, call (847) 329-8444 right away.

3) Contact Your Insurance Company

All policies require that homeowners and businesses report the damage to their property as soon as possible. It is also important to take inventory of the contents of your home and make a list of every item that needs to be replaced. Take pictures of the damage and make up to five copies for the insurance company, for your records and possibly for the fire investigation authorities. Harris Claims Services will list the destroyed personal property. We will inventory your damages and present it to the insurance company after your approval.

What NOT to Do After a Fire

Due to the risk of toxic gases or smoldering ash, there are some tasks that you should not attempt without a fire restoration service professional:

  • Don’t use electrical devices like appliances, stereos or TVs until deemed safe.
  • Don’t sit on or move upholstered furniture.
  • Don’t wipe down the walls, wood trim, and furniture or any other absorbent surface.
  • Don’t consume any food product, including canned items that were exposed to the fire.
  • Don’t water your indoor plants until you wipe down the leaves to remove soot.
  • Don’t turn on home systems like the furnace or air conditioner.
  • Dont sign any papers until you fully understand what the small print means.
  • Call your attorney to review what you are considering signing.
  • Do your homework before you sign any papers
  • Call us to understand what is not being told to you.

Fire Safety Equipment & The Local Experts You Can Trust

Harris Claims Services has the proper fire safety equipment and specialization to get the work done without the risks, all backed by the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee. Knowledge is Power. Get the Harris Advantage today. Let us explain exactly how it all works. Who you can trust and why. Not all companies are created equal. Let us explain the small print on the competitions contracts. Let us tell you what they are hiding and why!

Call HCS for all of  your Fire Restoration & Claims Services at (847) 329-8444. We’re located in Chicago, IL and Lincolnwood, Illinois.