Illinois Public Adjusters That You Can Trust For Claim Damages


If you live in Illinois, many public adjusters are prepared to help with public adjusters from Springfield, Illinois to Chicago and Chicagoland suburbs beyond. Insurance in “the Prairie State,” as Illinois is warmly called, is regulated by the Illinois Division of Insurance, the Illinois Department of Insurance. You can discover more information about Illinois’s licensing requirements for insurance adjusters at You can also find Illinois adjuster regulations and testing requirements at

Harris Claims Services has been serving Illinois property owners for over three decades. During that time our founders has been assisting and promoting standards of Public Adjusting.


What is a Public Insurance Adjuster? Or Asked Another Way, What is an Illinois Public Adjuster?

In Illinois, public adjusters serve the general population not the insurance company. This means that these insurance experts serve you. Again, Illinois public adjusters serve the property owners in Illinois. Illinois public adjusters are often former insurer adjusters who have opted to help the people of the state and individual policyholders straighten out their claims. Some like the founder of Harris Claims Services, Jason Harris, is a practicing attorney who previously worked as legal counsel for the insurance companies. This gives an inside look and knowledge of how insurance companies handle claims. Information not given to the public and which often is completely opposite of what you see in the Television commercials.

Illinois public insurance adjusters are private insurance specialists who do not have any associations with any insurance company. They work for the public. They negotiate, bargain and maximize claims for superior payment amounts. These insurance experts understand Illinois’s reconstruction industry, local building issues, and related expenditures. Top level Illinois Public Adjusters in addition, also have knowledge and understanding of advance claims practices and options such as appraisal. Some such as Harris Claims Services possess even more knowledge with experience in the analysis of specific policy language and legal pitfalls. An out-of-state insurance company adjuster is not always up-to-date about the ins and outs of rebuilding in Illinois. By having an independent public insurance adjuster, an Illinois Public Adjuster, on your side, who is an expert at insurance loss evaluations and negotiations, you are more likely to get a fair settlement from your insurer.

Similar to how the Illinois Division of Insurance governs insurers, insurance companies, Illinois public insurance adjusters are also regulated by the department of insurance for state of Illinois. Illinois’s licensing requirements for insurance adjusters, public adjusters, are much like those of other states. In general, an independent public insurance adjuster must be conversant and pass a state licensing examination. If you have a property loss in Illinois, hiring a licensed public adjuster, like Jason Harris of Harris Claims Services is a step in the right direction to be certain that you are treated more equitably, and properly by your insurance company.

Not only do independent public insurance adjusters, like Jason Harris help you with estimations, repairs, negotiation, and bargaining sessions, a reliable public insurance adjuster also assists you with documentation, paperwork, and the entire claims process. Because public insurance adjusters fees are based on their ability to negotiate and bargain for higher offers from insurance companies, it is in their best interest to search for every single covered insurance loss that you can claim. This entails comprehensive assessments and analysis of your homeowners or other type of insurance policy and the large amounts of damage documentation.

The public adjusters at Harris Claims Services will evaluate your insurance policy and property thoroughly to reveal each single insurance loss and all the damages allowed to be claimed under your insurance policy.

Illinois, the Prairie State, as the 21st state in the United States has a proud history. The Illinois Department of Insurance can help the Illinois residents and businesses with many general insurance related questions and insurance licensing regulations. However, only a public insurance adjuster serving Illinois residents, like Jason Harris can serve your exact insurance claim needs.


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