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What is a Public Adjuster. I never heard of one.

Have you heard of a Public Adjuster?

Many  have never heard of a Public adjuster.  Very few understand the role of a public adjuster and exactly how they benefit them in the claim process.  Don’t be fooled by the insurance company or agent believing you should not use a public adjuster. Let’s talk a bit about what they are, what they do, how Harris Claims Services can take the stress off your shoulders and what  you can expect. 

What does the Public Adjuster do and what is his role in the insurance claim.

Specifically a public adjuster is an expert who is tested, bonded and licensed to assess, prepare and negotiate an insurance claim. Similar to an attorney handling a legal case.  I myself am the owner of Harris Claims Services and am also a seasoned attorney. Over the year I have obtained first hand knowledge of how the insurance companies operate and handle claims. More on this here.  

A qualified and properly trained public adjuster is legally permitted to represent the interests of the property owner. Not the insurance company but the property owner.  

Public Adjusters at Harris Claims Services have the Knowledge and expertise.  

They have the knowledge, technical expertise and ability to manage all the different aspects of the claim. From additional living expenses, to personal property, to the Building claim. We seek to maximize the claim and protect you the property owner from making big mistakes.  For example. It might sound great to remove all your furniture, your personal possessions to be cleaned right away. That is what the insurance company will tell you. But is it really? Is it better to have the insurance company pay a vendor $50.00 to clean a 10 year old tv that will still smell like smoke. Or is it in the best interest of you, the owner to have a Public Adjuster work for you only.  A public adjuster who negotiates and strives to have the insurance company pay for a brand new one “total it out”. The answer is obvious.

Time may be a factor.  A qualified public adjuster will balance the needs to move forward quickly with that of proper preparation and documentations.   Public adjusters at Harris Claims Services will maximize your claim and achieve a settlement a lot faster than the policyholder.  How do they get paid you might ask? As a general rule the fee charged is in the range of 10%.  This can vary depending on the situation.  Harris Claims Services is known for not being undersold and will meet or beat any legitimate percentage our competitors might be asking.  Be careful many charge as high as 33% and are NOT even qualified. We have seen this with the recent influx of roofers claiming to be Public Adjusters.   

Why Hire a Public Adjuster. Can’t I settle the fire claim.

Sure you can.  But the reality is are you experienced and have the ability to navigate the claims process.  Above all, do you have the time and energy to fight the billion dollar corporation. If you are displaced, out of the home or business is interrupted you have a complicated claim. These are not simple chimney smoke claims. They are complex.  Insurance claims are a contractual negotiation. The  Insurance policies are complex and contain many exclusions and pitfalls.  They have hidden paragraphs that actually limit or expand money you can recover.  Remember, insurance is big business. 

Don’t be fooled by Insurance Claims Commercials. Not reality when it comes to claims.

Commercials are not reality.  Insurance Companies exist to make profits. Deny Delay Don’t Pay is common practice.  As the owner of Harris Claims Services and a practicing attorney who use to work for insurance companies I can tell you first hand the process is to limit pay outs.  With knowledge come power, with power comes leverage and with leverage you will get what you are entitled to.  You can walk into court on your own without an attorney but would you? Why would you then try and handle a $100,000 plus matter without proper representation? Think about it.  It’s an insurance claim.  Not your insurance company. But a company looking to make billions in profits.

Lets hit some bullet points on the value and benefit of hiring a Public Adjusting firm owned and ran by an attorney.  

  • Unsurpassed knowledge in the industry – Harris Claims Services is the only, the only public adjusting company in Illinois that has been operated for decades by an attorney who is also a public adjuster and who use to work for insurance companies.
  • Preparation – Our Public adjusters do all the paper  work. We prepare and manage the claim so you can take care of what matters, your family, your business, your day to day obligations.  We report to you during the entire claim process.
  • Speed and efficiency – Hiring a public adjuster is most efficient way and fastest way to settle your claim.
  • Experience – Decades of experience not just in claims but in and out of court rooms when claims are denied.  Our firm, its Claims Adjusters and owner have more expertise, more experience than the competition. We understand and negotiate insurance matters all day long 7 days a week 365 days a year for decades. In fact our competition calls upon us to answer complex claims issues.  
  • Policy Interpretation.  We not only understand the language of insurance, we understand how to apply it, how to use it and how to invoke the language of appraisal if necessary.  More on this in another blog.  
  • Peace of Mind and Convenience – We focus on the claims so you can focus on other matters of life. It’s that simple.
  • Maximize your claim – Using a qualified experienced adjusting firm will increase your claim. We have the history and the documentation and the satisfied clients to prove it.

Now you understand. But understand this. Not all are Public Adjusters are created equal.   

Not all public adjusters are created equal.  Just like doctors and Lawyers, some are at the top of the graduating class and others just make it.  Knowing this, make sure (it is important ) to speak with the Owners of the Company.  NOT just the salesman.  Make sure your public adjuster has not only passed the test and is licensed, but ask him or her when was the last time they engaged in some continuing education.  Many do not. They are simply roofers, contractors, salesmen who have no idea on how to negotiate with a large billion dollar insurance company.   

Find a qualified, educated Public Adjuster who graduated at the top of the class.  Get one that understands the claims.  For example do not use one that was referred to you by some Board UP guy chasing you down at the fire, or someone referred to you by fire chief.  These people don’t have your best interest at heart.  Are they looking for referral fees rather than your best interest?  Harris Claims Services’ unique history is defined by our continuous commitment to understanding the ever changing policies of insurance. They change by endorsements and law.  Ever notice that little piece of paper you get from the insurance company ever year. Those are changes to your policy.  We read them and understand them.  Our staff keeps up on the law and the changes. Why? Because we are committed to being the best at what we do. Negotiating claims and enlarging our happy and satisfied client base. 

Get the facts, the truth. Give us a call. Let’s get you educated on the business of adjusting and let you decide how to proceed with your fire claim.