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Why hire a Public Adjuster


Confused and Thinking of Hiring a Public Adjuster?

Lets clear up a few things. As in many aspects of life, public adjusters are NOT created equal. Remember this as you consider how and who to trust with your fire insurance claim.  Like hiring a doctor consider the qualifications.  Check to see that the public adjuster is fully licensed, bonded, insured and has a history of insurance claims settlement.

Finding qualified public adjusters can give you total peace of mind. Public Adjusters, such as Harris Claims Services. A public adjuster, a good one will increase the claim and reduce your stress.

Before your fire did you even hear of a Public adjuster?

No doubt most people have never heard of a Public Adjuster.  More importantly few understand why to hire a public adjuster and exactly how they increase the claim. What usually happens is the Public Adjuster will spend hours explaining and educating the fire victim on exactly what a public adjuster is and  how the fire claim process works.

Lets examine and learn how importance a public Adjuster is to the process of a fire claim and the settlement.

The Role of a Public Adjuster

The public adjuster is the expert who examines the issues, considers the policy of insurance, prepares the estimate and negotiates the claim.  He or she is similar to an attorney with obligations to you the property owner.  Public Adjusters, the good ones,  are highly qualified and legally permitted to represent this policyholder during the claims process.

As if that’s not enough, public insurance adjusters have a lot of technical expertise and this is essential for ensuring the policyholder is not being misguided or misled. In other words, this person can maximize the extent of your claim and achieve settlement a lot faster than the average policyholder.

In case you might be asking yourself, public adjusters will usually take a set percentage of the settlement in return for their services. As a rule, this figure is often 10% but this can vary and the insurance department in every state will set the maximum percentage a public adjuster can charge.

Do Public Adjusters have to be tested and licensed?

Yes, In Illinois Public Adjusters must pass a test.  They must also be bonded and are usually insured.  There are some out there that have not taken the test and somehow cheated the system by getting an out of state license. These unqualified adjusters must be avoided at all costs.

Why Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster 

The reality is most people, even attorneys do not have the proper experienced to handle an insurance claim. We can all agree the insurance claim is very complex.  The policy of insurance has many exclusions, inclusions, obligations and requirements. Insurance companies act quickly to deny claims based on these exclusions. Remember public adjusters may not practice law.  The decision to hire a public adjuster or an attorney is the subject of another blog.  A public adjuster will make sure he is not crossing the line into the legal field.  A  public adjuster will document and prepare the claim.  Harris Claims Services has attorneys to look at the policy if it is a legal issue.

The Value of Hiring a Public Adjuster

You see, public adjusters are very precise in their research and preparation. With this in mind, they will often use trades people, engineers and other experts to aid the process. As already mentioned, Insurance policies are often complicated and for this reason, public adjusters can interpret the policy detail to determine what might be covered in any situation.

At the same time, this technical ability to interpret also enables a public adjuster to negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf. That being said, let’s take a quick look at some more benefits:

  • Time – Hiring a public adjuster is the fastest and most efficient way to settle your claim.
  • Experience – Qualified Public Adjusters will possess years of experience and education in insurance claims.
  • Preparation and Negotiation – Public adjusters prepare all the documents and complete the proof of loss.
  • Convenience – Public Insurance adjusters focus on the claim. Give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on your business and family.
  • Fees – The fee a Public Adjuster charges will be absorbed by the end result of the claim being maximized.  In other words, when the public adjuster increases the claim, lets say by 30%, the 10% is covered and the insured receives the benefit of claim increase of 20%.


Harris Claims Services ., Inc.’s unique history, its on staff attorney Jason Harris, continuing efforts to stay ahead of the industry and over all commitment to it clients makes it the first choice when considering a public adjuster.  Harris Claims Services  continues to be an industry leader ..

Our legal knowledge, our experience of decades of service and our relentless attitude defines us as an industry leader in the public adjusting industry.  Our firm has withstood the test of time. We use Data, Technology, Experience and the most trained staff to deliver your insurance company a comprehensive ironclad finished product. It’s true, most people have yet to realize the benefits of hiring a public adjuster but this knowledge and experience is often the difference between frustration and a successful claim.