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Illinois Public Adjuster Contracts & How They Get Paid

Illinois Public Adjuster Contracts & How They Get Paid

We get asked about public adjuster contracts all the time including what to look out for, should you sign with a public adjuster or the insurance company’s adjuster, how do they get paid, who actually pays them, and how to terminate the contract?

But lets start from the beginning. When there’s been a home or business disaster, most policyholders do not have the capability to investigate and negotiate property insurance losses. They need someone with expertise to help resolve any property losses and understand the scope of coverage that policyholders have the right to. This involves properly investigating the affected home or business and making sure that the policyholder’s insurance has fully covered them for their losses.

There is a process to follow when hiring a public adjuster to look at your damages and repairs. Here’s everything you need to know about public adjusters in Illinois.

Signing a Public Adjuster Contract

Illinois law requires the public adjuster to provide you with a written contract which has been approved by the Director of Insurance. The contract should specify the following:

  • Services the public adjuster will provide for you.
  • Any salary, fee, commission, compensation or other consideration he or she will receive for those services.
  • The contract must be approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance.
  • The public adjuster and it’s company must maintain a minimum of $20,ooo bond.
  • No settlement can be made without the approval of the property owner.

Here is a sample of the contract under the state of Illinois. The contract you sign is binding and can only be terminated by certified mail within ten business days after the date the contract was signed. To learn more about property owner’s rights to cancel their contract, read this.

How Do Public Adjusters Get Paid?

Illinois public adjuster’s rates and contracts are controlled by the Illinois Public Adjusters Act. Usually, the Public Adjuster in Illinois will get paid a percentage of the settlement figure; the larger the recovery, the greater the fee paid. Therefore, the property owner and the Public Adjuster have a mutual goal: to maximize the claim legally and seek out all portions of the policy of insurance allowing for recovery. Typically, 10%-15% is the going rate. However, with larger claims the rates do go down. With smaller or complicated claims, the rates may go up. You can learn more about these costs and situations by reading another article we wrote that weighs the Cost Vs the Value of Public Insurance Adjuster Fees.

One thing to be on the lookout for is the company adjusting firm who has a hidden owner. These are the firms where the owner of the company himself is not licensed. This is illegal in Illinois and is occurring as of the writing of this blog. Do your homework. The Department of Insurance keeps a record of the alleged owners and operators. At Harris Claims Services, we will match any legitimate fee structure. Harris Claims Services is operated and controlled by Jason Harris who is a bonded and licensed public adjuster. Jason Harris is also a practicing attorney who use to work for the insurance companies. Now he works for YOU! This gives him and you the distinct advantage over other public adjusters or insurance adjusters.

At Harris Claims Services, we guarantee that you will not only receive “peace of mind” but also that you will receive more than what the insurance company wants to give you. In fact, we can get you up to 35% more out of your fire, vandalism, or natural disaster claim. We also have extensive knowledge in property damage restoration, emergency services such as boarding up the place, and temporary housing while things are getting returned back to normal. Remember, knowledge is power, power is leverage and leverage will get you what you are entitled to. Contact us today to file a claim and get more information about contracting us as your public adjuster. HCS is located in Lincolnwood, IL near Chicago.