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Public Insurance Adjuster Fees

Public Insurance Adjuster Fees – Cost Vs Value

Has disaster hit your home or business? It may be time to look for an adjuster, but how do public adjusters get paid? Public insurance adjuster fees are paid out as a percentage of the total claim collected. Now, is the added value of these adjusters worth the cost?

Lets start off by answering what is a public adjuster. A public adjuster is an insurance professional that helps you settle your insurance claim. They represent the interest of the policyholder and have no relationship or affiliation with your insurance company.

These professionals can help you get more money that you are entitled anyways to under your insurance policy for disasters like fire, water, storm and others. But should you invest in the public insurance adjuster fees for your claim, use the insurance company’s adjuster, or just file the claim yourself?

Should I Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

If you are considering filing a property insurance claim, then you should consider hiring a public adjuster. If the claim is for a high amount, you have little to lose as a policyholder. Even if you are confident in the amount you will receive from your insurance company, it could be beneficial to get a second opinion from a professional not affiliated with the insurance company.

Public insurance adjusters can visit your home or business to determine if any cost of damage is missing from your claim. An insurance company will never voluntarily pay more than the amount requested, so submitting an accurate claim is essential to getting the right sum of money that you need to cover your property loss. Keep in mind, just because you requested a certain amount of money, does not guarantee you will even get that amount.

Cost or Fees for Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster

Most public insurance adjusters calculate their fees based on a percentage of the total claim paid by your insurance company, generally 10-15 percent. Prices vary depending on the type of disaster and amount of loss. For example, an adjuster may charge you 15 percent for a $30,000 loss, but only 10 percent for a loss over $100,000.

The best way to get a public adjuster at a decent cost, while getting the most out of your claim, is to hire one as early in the process as possible. If you hire an adjuster toward the end of your claim, then they can charge up to 30 percent, because they will still need to determine the value of the entire claim on top of working with your insurance company at the last minute to help get the remainder due.

The Value of Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster

Although the cost or fees of hiring a public insurance adjuster can seem steep, it could bring much more value to your claim than first expected. You would not only have an even “playing field” with your insurance company, but a public adjuster can help you have peace of mind when it comes to your claim. Your public adjuster will be able to work on your behalf in meetings, emails, phone calls, etc., with your insurance company, giving you more time to worry about your family or business.

At Harris Claims Services, we guarantee up to 35% more out of your claim than what the insurance company wants to give you, and we have extensive knowledge in water, fire, vandalism and natural disaster claim handling and damage restoration. Contact us today to help file your claim and get more information about hiring one of our public adjusters. We are located in Lincolnwood, IL near Chicago, Illinois and we’re waiting for your call.