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Glenview Public Adjusters Work For The Property Owners, Not The Insurance Companies


Harris Claims Services Knows How To Adjust Fire Claims

Glenview, is located approximately 15 miles northwest of the downtown Chicago, IL area and is about 3.5 miles north of the City of Chicago’s far northwest border. Glenview is considered to be a Northwest Side Suburb of Chicago. The current population of Glenview is estimated to be approximately 47,475 and when it come to adjusting and repair fire damage they trust only Harris Claims Services. 

Glenview property owners have trusted Harris Claims Services for over 40 years as their public adjuster to handle fire claims.

When there is a fire, pipe burst, or storm that damages your Glenview office, business, home, apartment or condo Harris Claims Services’ public adjusters are on your side. We fight for you, not the big insurance companies. We don’t take orders from the insurance companies and neither should you. We work for the Property Owners only. We are dedicated to only the property owners. That’s who we take orders from.

Our goal is a simple one. Maximize the Insurance claim and relieve your stress. Our Glenview Public Adjusters strive to get you more on your insurance claims. We have a history of increasing claims by 20% to 200% and more. We guarantee to get you more than what the insurance company wants to pay. Our case studies demonstrate the need and benefit of our services.

Insurance companies low-ball and leave things out; sadly, for property owners and policyholders this is a fact. An insurance company adjuster and their preferred contractors work for the insurance company, not for you. So, don’t get fooled. Don’t get misled! Get the true and complete facts.

That’s where Harris Claims Services comes in, hitting your insurance company from all aspects and fighting on your behalf from start to finish.


Glenview Public Adjusters, Board-Up Company, Fire Damage Restoration Contractor, & Temporary Housing Services

Our experienced and specialized Glenview Public Adjusters, attorneys, Fire Repair Contractors and Engineers serve you the property owners. Our Attorneys conduct a thorough review of your insurance policy, finding all areas of recovery. Our Glenview board up company will secure your property and provide emergency services 24/7/365. Our Glenview public adjusters will come out, assess the damages, and prepare a detailed claim estimate on what it will cost to get you back to normal. Our Glenview fire restoration and repair contractors will repair and restore your home or business within the budget settled with your insurance company. Our Glenview temporary housing company will relocate your family or your business while and until the insurance and restoration process is completed.

At Harris Claims Services, we can handle the entire insurance claims and repair process from beginning to end. The residents and business owners of Glenview will get the FULL HARRIS ADVANTAGE, including:

  1. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Jason E. Harris can conduct a thorough review of your insurance policy. In Fact, Attorney Jason Harris runs the day to day operations at Harris Claims Services.
  2. Our board-up company, Chicago Board-Up Services, will provide 24-hour emergency board-up and other temporary services to secure your property.
  3. Our public adjusters at Harris Claims Services will prepare a detailed claims package to your insurance carrier, negotiate, and maximize the claim.
  4. Our general contractors at Chicago Fire Repair will repair and restore your home or business.
  5. Our housing company, Harris Housing, can even help you with temporary housing and relocation services.

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Insurance Claim Types We Specialize In For Glenview, IL

We specialize in insurance claims that are common in Glenview, IL such as fire, flood, tornado, lightning, vandalism, plumbing, and more.

Your coverage and settlement will vary depending on the policy you have with the insurance company. Each situation is unique and evaluated by Harris Claims Service’s local public adjusters. We understand the details that can significantly affect your insurance settlement.

Harris Claims Services always wants to be one step ahead of not only our competitors, but also the insurance companies. We understand insurance contracts and how they dictate obligations and responsibilities.

Below is an overview of several different claims and what they entail to a homeowner or business owner after a disaster such as fire.

Fire Damage Claims Glenview

Fire insurance covers any damage or loss to property caused by a fire, including the cost of replacing and repairing damages caused by fire, smoke, water, the fire department, and any increased cost of construction or code compliance. Learn more about fire damage claims here.

Smoke Damage Claims Glenview

Smoke damage caused from a small or large fire is just as bad as the fire itself. Even if your property was only affected by a neighbor’s fire, it’s urgent that you take care of any odor and physical residue inside the connecting walls. Learn more about smoke damage claims here.

Flood Damage Claims Glenview

Flood damage on your property is a messy situation. Sometimes your furniture, appliances, and other belongings are salvageable, but sometimes they are not. Know what is covered in your insurance policy before paying hundreds of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. Learn more about flood damage claims here.

Natural Disaster Claims Glenview

In a matter of minutes, your property can be destroyed by a storm, lightning, tornado, hail, etc. If your home or business has been affected by a natural disaster like this, it’s urgent to know what damage is covered by your insurance policy. Learn more about natural disaster claims here.

Plumbing & Water Damage Claims Glenview

Plumbing and water damage is not always just an accident or small. Sometimes, it can create a major issue to the property beyond your eyes, leaving additional damage such as mold and mildew, in your walls, floors, and furniture. Learn more about plumbing and water damage claims here.


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