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Top 5 Questions About Public Adjusters

Top 5 Questions About Public Adjusters

At Harris Claims Services, we get asked questions about public adjusters, claims, and insurance policies all the time. Here are the top five below, but before we start digging into these, let me tell you a little about us.

As public adjusters we are prepared to help you with your fire disaster and what now faces you. We have been public adjusters and fire repair experts serving property owners for over three decades. During that time as the founder, I have been assisting and promoting standards of Public Adjusting. While this communication is for public adjusting purposes and fire repairs. I would be remised if I did not inform you that I am also a practicing attorney committed to fighting insurance companies. My office understands the insurance language, procedures, and pitfalls, from the loss site, to the negotiation table to the court room when necessary.

1) What is a public insurance adjuster?

In Illinois, public adjusters serve the general population, not the insurance company. This means that we are insurance experts who serve you. Again, Illinois public insurance adjusters serve you, the property owners, and fight to get you the money you deserve. To learn more about what a public adjuster is, checkout this blog we wrote a little while ago.

I have specific knowledge as a practicing attorney who previously worked as legal counsel for the insurance companies. I am the owner and operator of Harris Claims Services, and I am a licensed, tested and bonded Public Adjuster in addition to being an attorney. I reach out to you as a Public Adjuster, but my experiences as a former insurance defense attorney do give me the unique inside look and knowledge of how the insurance companies handle claims. Delay Deny and Don’t Pay, I understand to well. That’s why we fight to get you up to 35% more on your claims.

2) What exactly would you be doing for me as my public adjuster?

As your public insurance adjuster and insurance specialist, we do not have any associations with any insurance company. We negotiate, bargain and maximize claims for superior payment amounts. We understand the reconstruction industry, local building issues, and related expenditures. As Top-Level Adjusters, we also have knowledge and understanding of advance claims practices and options such as appraisal. Knowledge beyond other entry level Public Adjusters. Other public adjusters in Illinois simply cannot compete with our level of knowledge and ability. Further, they cannot compete with our rates and guarantees of getting you up to 35% more on your claim.

3) What experience and knowledge do you have that other public adjusting firms do not?

Harris Claims Services possesses more knowledge and leverage than our competition. We dissect and understand the insurance policy language. My staff and I will evaluate your insurance policy and property thoroughly to reveal every single insurance loss payment clause. We seek to find all the damages allowed to be claimed under your insurance policy. It’s simple, really. For years, we have always fought long and hard for our clients. We have always had and continue to have the leadership of a practicing attorney who knows exactly how policy language is applied and how to properly and professionally argue a point to obtain the payments owners are entitled to. We believe we have demanded and successfully completed more appraisals than any other company in the industry. We routinely demand appraisal when necessary. While this is more work for us, we are committed to obtaining the full value of the loss for our clients. We do this no matter how hard the task or obstacles to overcome.

4) How do you get paid and what is your incentive to maximize the claim?

Our rates, unlike our many of our so-called competition, are fair and reasonable. We work on a percentage of what we recover for you. Most companies will charge 10-20% with little return for that percentage. Our fees are much more competitive and fair than that. We earn our fees. Our fees are also lower when the loss is larger. We welcome comparisons of our fees and the quality of our work to the competition. In fact, after doing so many have chosen us because of this. Simply, we will not be undersold. Because our fees are based on our ability to negotiate and bargain for higher offers from insurance companies, it is in our interest to search for every single covered insurance loss and dollar. We will get you up to 35% more on your fire or natural disaster claim. HCS will even waive our fee in some cases if you get the repairs done through our general contractors and restoration experts. This is not to be taken lightly.

Remember, your insurance policy is a contract with obligations running in both directions. It is the property owner’s burden to prove the value of your loss. To learn more about Illinois public adjuster contracts and how they get paid, read this blog we wrote that goes more in depth. Also, checkout public insurance adjuster fees: cost vs value.

5) What if I do not have proper coverage – What if I am under insured. Can Harris Claims still help?

We can help, but most likely will not charge you a fee. Let me explain. We always urge clients to first speak with us about the loss, the damages and importantly, to determine if the property is fully and properly insured. Or, stated in another manner, make sure you have full coverage before you hire a public adjuster. If you do not have the right coverage or are underinsured, do not sign or hire a public adjuster. In those situations, there really is nothing for a public adjuster to do. There is simply nothing to argue about and the insurance company should pay the limits of the policy. In these situations, we are willing to assist with simple paperwork, explain the process and close the matter to final resolution for our clients to make sure the insurance company has paid all limits on the policy. We do not charge a fee for this since there is no arguments to be made against the insurance company.

Other things to consider with a public adjuster:

  • Illinois public adjusters work ONLY for residents and businesses, NOT insurance companies.
  • At Harris Claims Services we are dedicated to ONLY you.
  • Our adjusting rates will not be beaten. We will match or beat any legitimate rates.
  • Remember to compare and interview a few companies first.
  • Make sure your public adjuster is licensed, as well as, the owner of the firm.
  • DO NOT hire a public adjuster if you are underinsured.

In closing, we are always happy and proud to supply additional information on various matters relating to fire claim losses. Please remember to take your time, do your homework, interview a few companies, and do not rush into things. Then compare us to the rest. You will see we stand above the competition in our knowledge, expertise and dedication to our clients. As always, call us any time for a FREE consultation.

Jason Harris
President of Harris Claims Services in Lincolnwood, Illinois, near Chicago, IL.