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What is a Public Adjuster?

What is a Public Adjuster?

We get this question a lot; so what is a public adjuster? A public adjuster is a professional that helps you settle your insurance claim and represent the policyholder’s best interest. They have NO relationship NOR affiliation with your insurance company. They have specialized training in the appraisal, preparation, and negotiation of property damage and business losses accrued from disasters such as fire, flood, hail, hurricane, and more.

These professionals can help you get the claim money that you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

How Do Public Adjusters Get Paid?

Most public adjusters receive compensation for as much as 15 percent of the total settlement paid from by your insurance company. In many cases, policyholders see no issues with paying that percentage, because they will receive much more from the settlement than if they did it on their own or through the insurance company’s adjuster. Some states have different regulations (such as a set percentage), but many adjusters will be upfront with their fees. Others will waive their fee if you use them for the construction and remodeling phase.

How Do Public Insurance Adjusters Work?

When a disaster hits, filing an insurance claim may be one of the most daunting and frustrating tasks that a business or homeowner goes through, and policyholders want to make sure that they are not missing any crucial steps during the process. Insurance companies, on the other hand, have experts looking out for their best interest and often adjust claims that are bad for the policyholder.

So how do public insurance adjusters work? Public adjusters come in as an expert with the goal of getting the policyholder their best possible settlement. Do not be confused with “company” or “independent” adjusters; who work on the insurance company’s behalf. A public adjuster works exclusively for the policyholder throughout the claim process.

The Public Adjuster Job Description

Public adjusters ultimately only have one job, getting you the most money for your claim. But they also provide the following description of services to policyholders:

  • Conducts a comprehensive review of the policy
  • Identifies all the coverages that may apply to the claim
  • Investigates a thorough consideration of the loss and damage as well as its proper valuation and expense claims
  • Works with the policyholder in ensuring all policy requirements have been met adequately
  • Compiles an itemized claim package to the insurer
  • Attends required meetings and inspections with the insurance company
  • Negotiates the best settlement between the insurance company and policyholder

Hiring A Public Adjuster In Illinois

When hiring a public adjuster in Illinois, follow these steps to ensure that you have hired the right adjuster for your situation:

  1. Check their references and qualifications through the Better Business Bureau or state insurance department.
  2. Verify the adjuster’s license in the state where the loss has occurred.
  3. Ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues.
  4. Avoid a public adjuster who tries to pressure you into signing a contract or who goes from door-to-door after a major disaster.

We hope this answered the question of what is a public adjuster. Contact us today to file a claim or get more information about hiring a public adjuster. Harris Claims Services is located in Lincolnwood, Illinois, near Chicago. At HCS, we will get you up to 35% more than what the insurance company wants to give you, and we have extensive knowledge in damage restoration, emergency services, and temporary housing.

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