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Public Adjuster Test & Continuing Education In Illinois

Public Adjuster Test & Continuing Education In Illinois

Ever wanted to know what it takes to become a public insurance adjuster in Illinois?

An intensive public adjuster test must be passed to represent, advertise, and receive compensation for any contracts with Illinois policyholders or property owners. Section 3118:50 of the Illinois Insurance Code states that a public adjuster cannot solicit or receive compensation in violation of Section 1590(b) of the Code.

An insurance adjuster’s educational background and licensing status are critical factors for a policyholder to determine which public adjuster to choose if they deem it necessary to enlighten those services. Being proactive about having a good standing in the state of Illinois and meeting all the education requirements are importing factors in holding an advantageous position, representing a successful business, and continuing a good reputation and rate of pay.

Public Adjuster Test Requirements in Illinois

To become a public adjuster in Illinois, there are several requirements which must be met. Aside from the passing of the ethical and criminal background check (more on this later), you must pass the public adjuster test. More info on test requirements can be found in the Illinois Insurance Code (215 ILCS 5/1590). The exam is given several times a month and has changed over the past two decades.

The public adjuster application consists of passing a written examination that will test the knowledge of the individual regarding the responsibilities expected of a public adjuster in Illinois. Questions also involve state insurance laws and regulations. Every test is different, and questions are conducted under strict regulations by the director. Checkout a previous article we wrote about what you need to know to pass the Illinois public adjusters exam here.

Illinois Public Adjuster Training to Become Certified

There are accredited courses that exist in the state of Illinois to help public adjusters gain the knowledge needed to pass the state test. The state-recognized license is not only required for a public adjuster, but it also earns professional respect in the insurance industry. These public adjuster training courses help train future you to become experts in their field while handling a wide variety of claims and issues that are expected in the region.

Taking these public adjuster training courses toward your license helps prove your professionalism and expert knowledge. This shows interested policyholders that you are capable of putting in the effort needed to assist in a claim settlement from beginning to end properly.

Continuing Education is Required for Illinois Public Adjusters

To maintain an Illinois Public Adjuster License, an insurance adjuster is also required to complete and comply with relevant continuing education requirements in the state of Illinois. This includes continuing education units in law, ethics and other related subjects about the insurance industry.

Possessing an up-to-date license in the state of Illinois, as well as, required continuing education units directly impact the insurance adjuster’s marketability in the field. Licenses that cover a wide range of insurance claims inflate the adjuster’s areas of expertise. A public adjuster qualified to handle different types of claims will encounter more career opportunities than more limited licenses will allow.

All public adjusters at Harris Claims Services are licensed, in good standing, and continue to take CE courses related to the ever-evolving issues occurring in Illinois. Contact us today to learn more about what our public adjusters do to assist their community!