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Insurance Claim Types We Specialize In

The types of insurance claims resulting from disasters such as fire, flood, tornado, lightning, vandalism, etc., vary depending on the type of policy covering the property. Each situation is unique and evaluated by Harris Claims Services public adjusting experts in Chicagoland, who understand the small to significant differences that can affect your settlement. We understand that Knowledge is Power, Power is Leverage and Leverage settles claims. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and continue with educating our adjusters and staff. We always want to be one step ahead of not only the competition but the also the insurance company adjusters. We understand that the policy of insurance is a contract and dictates obligations and responsibilities.

Below is an overview of several different claims and what they entail to a homeowner or business owner after a disaster such as fire.


Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire insurance covers any damage or loss to property caused by a fire, including the cost of replacing and repairing anything damaged fire, smoke, water, fire department and / or increase cost of construction and code compliance.

Other major damages, such as smoke and electrical damage, can occur during a fire as well, leading to additional repairs and construction. Learn more about fire damage claims.

Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

Smoke damage resulting from a fire is just as dangerous as the fire itself and can kill anyone susceptible to it for as little as a few minutes. If your home or business property has been affected by a neighbor’s fire or other, it is urgent that you know exactly what damage is covered by your insurance policy.

Burning materials during a fire disaster leave both an odor and physical residue behind in wood, fabrics, plastics and other materials. Professional cleaning products and equipment are needed to thoroughly remove smoke damage without producing additional harm to the property or its residents. Learn more about smoke damage claims.

Flood & Water Damage Insurance Claims

Dealing with flood and water damage at your property is a messy enough situation. With some homeowners can salvage their homes by disposing of some furniture and appliances, others find themselves faced with up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in home repairs. Even after you’ve spent money on repairs, mold can still develop in places where water damage cannot easily be seen, such as inside the walls. Learn more about flood and water damage claims.

Tornado & Wind Damage Insurance Claims

Your home or business has been devastatingly damaged by a Tornado. In a matter of seconds, your life has been turned upside down. If your home or business property has been affected by a tornado, it is urgent that you know what damage is covered by your insurance policy which we will check for you. Even if you are not near a tornado warning area, your property can still be damaged from dangerous winds. Learn more about tornado and wind damage claims.

Plumbing Damage Insurance Claims

Plumbing damage is not always “just an accident.” Sometimes, a plumbing accident can create major water damage to your property, leaving additional damage, such as mold and mildew, in your walls, floors, and furniture. Plumbing damage can be just as disruptive and overwhelming as any other property damage. Learn more about plumbing damage claims.

What Harris Claims Services Can Do for You – Get The Harris Advantage

When disaster strikes, big or small, lives are interrupted which turns into chaos. Our team of dedicated public adjusters are disaster specialists working ONLY for the policyholders and victims, NOT the insurance companies. Our team of experts is made up of public adjusters to accountants to attorneys and engineers.  All with specific knowledge to prepare fire insurance claims and other disaster insurance claims.

We offer emergency assistance to our customers and their families through Chicago Board-Up Services, our sister company. There, customers are provided with a full range of emergency services to assist and protect the most important investment in a disaster victim’s life.

Our Insurance Claim Package includes the following:

We will guide you through every phase of the entire process to ensure that your smoke damage claim has been paid in full and your property is restored to a pre-catastrophic condition, if not better. Call Harris Claims Services now at 847-329-8444!


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