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Plumbing damage like any other damage to a property can be disruptively stressful and overwhelming. You first thought is to contact your insurance carrier. Absolutely correct, because your policy requires that you provide immediate notice of loss to your insurance agent. Your second thought is to wait for follow up from your insurance company’s claims department to assess your loss and how they and you will proceed next.

In a perfect world, this scenario would sound simple and logical enough but unfortunately, you would be doing yourself a disservice by waiting for your insurance company’s claim adjuster to show up, assess, and advise you of your rights — after all, these insurance adjusters work for your insurance company, NOT YOU!

As you know, insurance is big business and big settlements equal big losses for an insurance company, so you could imagine their incentive to mitigate your loss settlement.

Where Will You Find The Protection And The Appropriate Representation You Need At A Time Like This?

Logic dictates that if you sustained bodily injuries following a car accident, immediately after calling your auto insurance company, you would be contacting an attorney to review your case and assist you in collecting on your bodily injury loss. That same protection should be expected following a property loss incurring plumbing damage or any other type of property damage. A Public Insurance Adjustment Company, is what you should be calling, because they work for YOU, they represent YOU, they look out for YOU, not the insurance company!

To MINIMIZE Your stress And MAXIMIZE Your claim – Call Harris Claims Services. Your #1 pro-public adjustment expert in the Chicagoland area.

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