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10 Public Adjuster Questions You Should Have The Answers To

10 Public Adjuster Questions You Should Have The Answers To

Think you know everything about Illinois public adjusters? Take a short quiz to find out! Answers are below questions.

Pop Quiz Questions

1. Who does a Public Adjuster represent?

  1. The Insurance Company
  2. The Government
  3. The Insured
  4. The Insurance Agent

2. Duties of a Public Adjuster include:

  1. Appraising the Damage
  2. Negotiating with the Insurance Company Adjuster
  3. Preparing the Estimate
  4. All of the Above

3. True or False: Payment to your Public Adjuster must be made up front?

  1. True
  2. False

4. True or False? A restoration company can do the exact same thing as an adjustment company.

  1. True
  2. False

5. True or False? Studies have found that Public Adjusters can help policyholders collect anywhere from 50% to even 700% more than their insurance companies were willing to settle for.

  1. True
  2. False

6. True or False? Public Adjusters are the only type of claims adjusters, besides attorneys and the broker of record, who can legally represent an insurance policyholder during a property claims process.

  1. True
  2. False

7. True or False? A Public Adjuster may be able to negotiate for a higher amount any time during negotiations with the insurance company and even after a settlement has been received by an insured.

  1. True
  2. False

8. True or False? Public Adjusters only take care of fire loss claims.

  1. True
  2. False

9. Which of the following is NOT a duty of a Public Adjuster?

  1. Determining Values for Settling Coverage Damages
  2. Representing the Rights of the Insurance Company
  3. Evaluating Business Interruption Losses
  4. Preparing, Document and Support the Claim on Your Behalf

10. With whom does the burden of proof lie with when it comes to proving the amount of the damages and for the filing of an insurance claim?

  1. The Fire Department
  2. You
  3. Your Insurance Agent
  4. Company Insurance Adjuster

Quiz questions provided by the Illinois Public Adjusters Association


The Correct Answers

  1. Answer: c) That’s right, Public Insurance Adjusters represent you the property owner.
  2. Answer: d) Duties of a Public Adjuster include:
    • Evaluating existing insurance policies in order to determine what coverage may be applicable to a claim.
    • Researching and investigating damage to buildings, the building’s contents, and any additional expenses.
    • Evaluating business interruption losses and extra expense claims for businesses.
    • Determining values for settling covered damages.
    • Preparing, documenting and supporting the claim on behalf of the insured.
    • Negotiating a settlement with the insurance company on behalf of the insured.
    • Re-opening a claim and negotiating for a higher settlement payment if a discrepancy was found after the claim has been closed.
  3. Answer: b) TRUE, There is no need to pay your Public Adjuster up front; there is an agreed percentage of the insurance company’s settlement that is charged after.
  4. Answer: b) FALSE, A Licensed public adjusters are the only ones who can assist you in preparing, filing and adjusting your insurance claim. Restoration companies are neither licensed nor regulated, by the Department of Insurance.
  5. Answer: a) TRUE According to a survey conducted by various States, a Public Adjuster working for the properly owner increases claims from 50% to 700%.
  6. Answer: a) TRUE. Public Adjusters are the only claims adjusters who can represent an insured’s rights. Contractors cannot.
  7. Answer: a) TRUE. Public Adjusters are able to re-open a claim and negotiate for more money if a discrepancy is found after the claim has been settled. Public Adjusters who are properly trained can quickly assess mistakes and low ball offers and payments.
  8. Answer: b) FALSE. Public Adjusters will assist you with any claims of loss against any insurance company including windstorms, snow, hail, smoke, explosions, microbursts, etc.
  9. Answer: b) Public Adjusters represent your rights and NOT the rights of the insurance company.
  10. Answer: b) The burden of proof is on you the property owner. You can remove that burden by hiring a Public Adjuster.

What’s Next?

At Harris Claims Services, we guarantee more than what the insurance company wants to give you, and we have extensive knowledge in damage restoration, emergency services, and temporary housing. Contact us today to file a claim and get more information about hiring one of our Illinois public adjusters. Located in Lincolnwood, IL near Chicago.