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TIP #6 – How to Choose a Good Fire Repair Contractor & Public Adjuster?

TIP #6 – How to Choose a Good Fire Repair Contractor & Public Adjuster?

Don’t Wait For An Emergency To Ask Questions; Get The Truth About Fire Repair & Restoration Companies Here Before It’s Too Late.

You may be in the unfortunate position where you need to choose a good public adjuster and general contractor when a fire strikes. Make sure to find ones who actually protect YOU, the Fire Victims, NOT the Insurance Company! Fire repair and restoration contractors in Chicago, IL range from Great to Good to just plain UGLY and DUMB. Make sure to do your due diligence and find one who cares about you and your property. If you do plan on using a Public Adjusting Firm who also handles fire repair and restoration, pay extra attention to the construction contract. Make sure they are licensed fire general contractors. Believe it or not, there are companies out there in that CLAIM they are licensed and bonded, BUT they are NOT. They fool you into signing a construction repair contracts and later sub-contract out the work. Sometimes the Public Adjuster even hides his construction company under another name. Make sure you know whom you are hiring, and they are the licensed general contractor who will perform the work. Read the contract yourself and have a trusted lawyer look at it a well! Trust us, it’s worth the effort! Don’t be a victim of the old “bait and switch.” At Harris, We will gladly review any contract and point out the possible problems. We our local public adjusters with on-staff attorneys and can handle all aspects of your fire damage claim. Rebuild and Recover from your property loss with Harris Claims Services. Our general contractors will get you back to pre-loss condition or better. Harris Claims Services are Claims Adjusting Experts with a wealth of knowledge and over 30 years experience to back it up. Our degrees and knowledge in the industries and areas of insurance, finance, business, engineering, accounting, construction and law give you the property owner the Harris Advantage. Harris Claims Services work hard to give you peace of mind when you need it most. Come visit with us at either of our Illinois offices in Lincolnwood and Chicago. Ask us anything, because we have nothing to hide. Successfully serving our communities and earning your trust for over 30 years. We do it right the first time!

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