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TIP #5 – How to Choose a Good Public Adjuster?

TIP #5 – How to Choose a Good Public Adjuster in Chicago?

Get to Know the Team That’s On Your Side; Don’t Wait for an Emergency to Ask Questions

Public Adjusters in Chicago range from Great to Good to just plain Ugly and Dumb. Do your homework and find one who cares for you, your family, and your property.

  1. Contact the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. Get a Complaint History at 312-814-3000.
  2. Make sure to give them the name of all companies they did business under.
  3. Make sure to give them all addresses they did business at.
  4. Ask them for a claims history.
  5. How many complaints have been filed?
    • Believe it or not, there are companies out there that had over 20 complaints. They changed their name and are still out there doing business.
  6. Don’t Wait for an Emergency to Ask Questions
  7. If it is a newer company, ask what was the name of the older company and why did they change their name?
  8. Ask the company to show you copies of the complaints filed against them at the attorney generals office. If they had a large number of complaints given the years they have been in business… Run and find someone else to trust. It simply is not worth the risk.

We’re the Claims Adjusting Experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our degrees and knowledge in the industries of insurance, finance, business, engineering, accounting, construction and law give you the property owner the Harris Advantage.

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Come visit with us at our Chicago or Lincolnwood offices. Ask us anything. Trusted for over 30 years. We have nothing to hide. We do it right and the first time around.

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  • #1 in computerized, room by room construction analysis of repair
  • #1 policy review by our on staff attorneys to maximize settlement
  • We produce the largest settlements in the industry
  • We guarantee repairs completed on-time
  • Longest warranty offered
  • BBB A+ accredited member
  • Over 30 years of service under the same company name
  • Family-owned and operated
  • Experts in Finance, Business, Law, Estimating & Construction
  • Attorneys on staff for your benefit

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