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How To Get Rid Of Smoke Damage After A Fire

How To Get Rid Of Smoke Damage After A Fire

Restoring Your Home Or Business Back To Normal

Harris Claims Services is your expert emergency service provider and the clear choice for fire and smoke damage claims. From the initial cleaning stage, through your settlement process, and even after the restoration and repairs we can handle all the details.

It is very important that you document all damages from the smoke and fire to establish your insurance claim. Consideration to contacting our offices should be one of your first steps along with the emergency cleanup.   Contact our expert team for advice about all the steps. Before the repairs can begin the mitigation process must be completed. The water and soot must be thoroughly removed from the property, as that is the primary source of fire odors.

Smoke damage needs to be addressed immediately after the removal of water and soot. The longer you wait the worse the damage will become, the higher risk of mold buildup, and the harder the restoration process will be. Smoke penetrates carpet, furniture and clothing. Removal involves deodorizing and ozone smoke removal. Additionally, your ductwork may need thorough cleaning as well as a complete examination of your HVAC system. Please note we are not talking a about a large destructive fire which levels the property. The Wild Fires in California come to mind. Our condolences and thoughts are with them. Back to the blog.

Fire Smoke Odor Removal

1) Deodorizing Smoke Via Thermal Fogging

Among the more effective means of removing odors, Thermal Fogging recreates the process by which fire/smoke enters textiles to reliably remove odors permanently. Depending on the size of your residential or commercial property, expect this process.

2) Ozone Smoke Removal Treatment

Ozone treatment is another very effective means for removing odors from fabrics, even as they are still drying. This treatment breaks up the smoke molecules themselves.

We Can Help Get You Back On Track

Call Harris Claims Services immediately following your fire and smoke damage incident. We can help with:

  • Our licensed public adjusters will guide you through the entire claims process from beginning to end, getting you the urgent assistance you may need with boarding up & securing the property, temporary housing, properly assessing the property loss and processing your claim.
  • Preparing the onsite mitigation and team and beginning the mitigation services of water and soot removal.
  • Our on-staff attorneys review insurance policies and make sure all policy payments are addressed. We at Harris Claims Services fight for you, NOT the insurance company. We fight to get you more and 35% MORE on your smoke and fire damage claim is not unheard of.
  • Our construction team will repair and restore your property back to normal with full transparency and within the settlement budget.

Let us help you in your time of need to ensure your claim is paid in full and your property is completely restored to its pre-catastrophic condition or better. Get the Harris Advantage. Harris Claims Services is located in Chicago & Lincolnwood in Illinois and we’ve been helping homeowners and business owners like you for over 40 years.

Learn more about fire damage claims & how we can help with fire & smoke damages here. For immediate assistance, please call 847-329-8444.