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What’s Worse, Fire Or Water Damage?

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Fire Repair & Smoke Damage Restoration in Chicago by Harris Claims Services

Fire damage is a homeowner or business owner’s worst nightmare. While a fire discovered and put out early may limit damage to the structure, it still delivers a severe blow to any home or business in the Greater Chicagoland area. Damage to your home from scorched furniture and spreading toxic takes considerable time, effort, money and resources to clean and restore back to its pre – loss condition.

Harris Claims Services’ Fire Restoration Division, the “Harris Advantage”, offers a complete selection of fire repair and smoke damage restoration services. Our goal is simple, repair the fire damage, eliminate the smoke and odor, and return the home to its original state or better. Fire damaged property requires experts to professionally restore it before it can be safe to occupy. Call the certified, experienced professionals at HCS Fire Restoration Division. Our warranty of work is the longest in the fire repair industry. We have been doing this for 30 years.

The Impact of Fire and Smoke Damage to Your Home

Damage from fire and smoke is completely unexpected. It can destroy a home or business in a matter of minutes, including personal items and other valuables. The damage left behind is considerable and requires specialized restoration treatment to fully recover. Smoke in addition to fire causes damages to walls, flooring, carpets, and upholstered furniture.

Many times, the damage from the fire results in sever damage to the building’s structure. In those situations when a collapse may be an issue, an experienced restoration company should be employed to brace and shore up the property. This provides safety and preserves the site for inspection and policy compliance issues. Shoring and bracing property after a fire is not new to us. We have the experience to get it done.

Additional Issues Following Fire and Smoke Damage, Such as Water Damage

Proper Fire Repairs can vary depending on who you trust. Whoever you trust to make the repairs must understand that many of the elements used to extinguish fires, such as water and foam, can also cause other forms of damage. Water and foam creates another form of cleanup. The threat of mold, which can show up within 48 hours of a fire, can be extremely difficult to remediate. Damaged electrical units present dangers of electrical shock. Leaking gas can be and issue and is best left to the professionals at Harris Claims Services.

Because we handle all types of claims, repairs and areas of restoration, HCS Fire Restoration Division is well qualified for any situation. We treat our customer’s property as if it were our own, leaving no stone left unturned. You can rest assured of a first-rate job, done right, the first time because we stand behind everything that we do. It really is simple. Who are you going to trust to restore and repair?

The Fire Repair Process. The Harris Advantage for Fire Repairs

Fire and smoke damage restoration needs to begin as soon as the property has been deemed safe by officials. Fire restoration is designed to mitigate any and all current and importantly further damage that occurs as a result of the residues of fire, smoke, and heat. Not to mention the accompanying water damage. It’s the responsibility of the property owner under the terms of the policy of insurance.

In the immediate aftermath of a fire on your property, it is critical to call in the restoration professionals at Harris Claims Services’ Fire Restoration Division. Let us provide a complete range of fire and smoke damage restoration services to your home. 24/7 emergency service means we can have a technician on site within hours of the fire. Our years of experience is invaluable to property owners. We have seen it all from small fires to large, from homes to condos to businesses, to complex million-dollar town home complexes. Our certified personnel, our fire repair experts have experience in all areas of fire restoration. We know how to take care of your unique needs.

Taking care of the process as soon as possible can lower the chances of your property suffering additional damage. We recommend that you open all your windows to start clearing the property of smoke and soot, as they contain toxic carcinogens that can adversely affect your health. You should also shut off all power and gas until repairs are made. Use of a mask is a must. In fact, we suggest you do not enter the property unless you are sure there is no health risk. The particles in the air after a fire are not the same as sitting around a camp fire. Plastics and asbestos can be nasty stuff, to say the least.

Harris Claims Services’ Fire Restoration (Fire Repair) Division has more than 30 years’ experience in all areas of water, fire, and mold restoration. The HCS staff is also certified and experienced, which means they can properly assess your specific problem, plan a course of action and then begin the restoration process. Prompt response and immediate service means your water, fire, or mold damage is taken care of, and of course all work is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee. Call Harris Claims Services for your Fire Repair needs. Get the Harris Advantage. We understand Restoration of Fire and Smoke Damage. Phone (847) 329-8444.