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Should You Fight Or Dance With Insurance Company Adjusters

Should You Fight Or Dance With Insurance Company Adjusters?

A fire or other insurance disaster has destroyed your home or business. The question now is how to handle the loss and negotiations. Should you fight or dance with the insurance company adjuster? So give him or her a look. See how they sound, feet the tone of their voice weeks after the introduction and most importantly determine if it sounds true. Then get ready to dance. Or, in some cases, get ready to hire the experts, lock and load, and fight for what you deserve – your insurance settlement! It is unfortunate, but in most circumstances, one must be ready to do what’s necessary to get what you deserve: a fair settlement. Squeaky wheels get the grease comes to mind.

To fight or not to fight?

Do you get more bees with honey? Yes, but is it that easy. The decision to make a stance early on is not an easy one. It depends on who the insurance company adjuster is, their qualifications, their mood, their years at the company, their personal likes and dislikes believe it or not. It is the adjuster assigned to your claim, not the insurance company, which will dictate how you decide to respond. One can usually see within a week or two the intentions of the insurance company adjuster. Some assume that you just need to dance with the adjuster. However, many times it is not so easy.

Who will be leading the dance?

The “insurance company adjuster” deals with claims on a daily basis; therefore, they naturally want to lead. They will want to establish their superiority over you and tell you how it will work and how you get paid. After all, what do you, the insured, know about insurance adjusting? The company adjuster will steer you this way, and then that way, gracefully and smoothly, slowly spinning you around the dance floor. They will try and get you from one side of the dance floor to the other.

But at what cost? Sure, it’s easier to follow, but doing so requires giving up control.  It’s your home, so, as clumsy as you may be about filing insurance paperwork, insist on being heard.  Make sure everyone involved understands that it is you who has suffered the loss.  Remember you absolutely have the right to hire someone to help you with the loss. You have the right to decide who does the restoration and who does the repairs. The insurance company will try and steer you buy it’s your right.

Does it take “two to tango”?

While your insurance company adjuster wants to remain in control and keep the money in the insurance company’s bank account, it does takes “two to tango.” You have the right to disagree, negotiate, and point out errors and omissions. If you want a fair insurance settlement, you need to get involved and be willing to be assertive. Otherwise, your insurance adjuster will sweep you off your feet and glide you across the dance floor, all according to his terms. Consider the possibility of a new partner. Consider someone who cares about you and not the insurance company. Consider someone who supports your position. Perhaps it’s time to consider a public adjuster?

Do the hustle!

Be prepared to do most of the work.  Fire and water damage claims often involve extensive losses and need for proof to support the payment for damages you are due. But guess who’s responsible for documenting those losses? You are!

Your insurance company adjuster will come in, snap a few photos, take a few notes, and maybe bring their own partner, the “insurance company preferred contractor.” They save the insurance company a bunch of work and money. In exchange for this insurance company contractor (preferred contractor) keeps getting invited (and paid) to dance all over your claim. But remember you can prevent this. You can choose to be assertive, be positive, and take charge.

With the help of a public adjuster, you can be in control, and you can provide your insurance company with proof of your losses, supported by dozens of photos and a detailed list documenting every single item that was damaged or lost all backed up by engineering and other experts reports when necessary. Public adjusters assess the damages, create estimates, employee engineers, and work only for you, the owner of the business or property. We as Public Adjusters will fight the insurance company adjusters and dance with the homeowners. Public adjusters earn their living by serving the property owners, not the insurance companies.

Mind if I cut in?

Let a licensed public adjuster cut in, relieve you of the stress, and take charge. Remember: public adjusters report back to the property owners, not the insurance company. Statistics demonstrate that it is financially wise to allow a public adjuster to handle the matters of insurance adjusting. Qualified and experienced Public Adjusters like those at Harris Claims Services routinely obtain more favorable results than compared to property owners who go it alone or trust the Insurance Company Adjuster and Contractor.

Public adjusters, such as those at Harris Claims Services, are experts who represent only the interests of the property owners’ negotiating directly with the insurance company.

If your property is damaged by fire or water, strong consideration should be given to hire or at least discuss the matter with a qualified public adjuster. Harris Claims Services provides free consultations to help property owners dance and fight for their rights. Knowledge is Power, Power is Leverage and Leverage Gets Your Claims Paid Fairly and Properly. Take the time and understand the dance, it’s worth it!

Jason Harris
President of Harris Claims Services in Lincolnwood, IL, near Chicago.