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Earn Commission Fees: Property Manager Referral Program

Real Estate Management & Property Manager Referral Program – Earn A Commission Fee For Illinois Insurance Claim Referrals

We developed a Referral Program where Real Estate Management Companies and Property Managers can earn commission fees while benefiting all parties (you the property manager who will earn commission for a simple referral, us the public adjusters & restoration contractors who don’t have to spend money on marketing, and your client the victims of damaged property who will end up getting up to 35% more on their insurance claim).

It’s the call every property manager hates to receive: the first notification of what will turn into an insurance loss for the client. Sometimes it comes late at night or early in the morning before the sun is even up. Depending on the severity of the loss, it signals the beginning of what could be months of work above and beyond the normal scope of the job.

In the immediate aftermath of a fire loss or other insurance loss, property management companies are challenged to maintain their normal workload while overseeing additional tasks related to the loss. Hiring and supervising contractors, tracking down unit owners to work on remediation and repairs, meeting with the association for updates, determining if the adjustment of the claim is proper and fare, time-consuming job of documentation is only a partial list of additional responsibilities adding up to supplementary management company expenses. The client’s insurance company does NOT compensate your firm for these added expenses and both you and the client end up getting less than what is needed to restore the property.

When cases like this occur, it may be beneficial to refer your client to a trusted & local public adjuster in Illinois to ensure that they are getting the most out of their insurance claim. You can trust Harris Claims Services to treat your clients like you treat them. We provide outstanding service that they will be thankful for.

If you are a property manager or real estate management company who wants to avoid the hassle of losing property income during a fire, storm or water disaster during a claim, then we would like to partner with you. In exchange, you could create an extra stream of income just by making a simple phone call.

How It Works

We would like to partner with you and pay you direct commissions for every client that you refer to us. If that client contracts with us to assist with their insurance claim and restoration project, then you will earn a commission fee usually delivered within 30 days of payment for services rendered.

On average, for a simple referral you would receive a MINIMUM commission fee of $1,000, with larger insurance claim losses generating much larger commissions of $3,000, $5,000, and up.

Referral Program Benefits

Some of the benefits of referring your clients to Harris Claims Service include:

  • Time saved when our public adjusters organize and manage the claim to help minimize the time that the client has to spend dealing with the claim issues.
  • Expertise in insurance policies and their complex documents – Harris is the #1 in computerized, room-by-room construction analysis of repairs. This helps avoid misinterpretation in the policy and helps the client get up to 35% more from their claim.
  • Filing and processing the claim at a faster rate by working with experts in the insurance claims process.
  • Protection of the policyholder’s rights and claim value – we work for the policyholder and not the insurance company. HCS is the #1 in policy review by our staff of public adjusters and attorneys.
  • You can create a stream of income earning thousands of dollars with just a simple phone call introduction as a referral.

Join Our Real Estate Management & Property Manager Referral Program

If you are a Real Estate Management Company or Property Manager join our Referral Partner Program today!

  1. First, you will need to do is provide us with your contact information by clicking the buttons below. We’ll keep your information in our database and send occasional newsletters on matters relating to fire and flood restoration that you can share with future referrals.
  2. Once we receive your insurance claim referral, we will enter you in as their referring source.
  3. Then within 30 days after the contract and payment have been completed, you will receive a referral commission of at least $1K.

It’s that simple!

If you would like to be part of our Real Estate Management & Property Manager Referral Program, please contact our office in Lincolnwood, Illinois near Chicago today. Once you are signed up and begin referring customers to Harris Claims Services, you will start the opportunity of earning referral commissions for minimal effort.

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns about the restoration process, public adjusting, or other matters related to insurance claims. Join us and make some extra income for simply allowing us to serve your clients and make you look good at the same time. For any further questions, please call us at (847) 329-8444.

Disclaimer: All referral payments made are done so only and solely by Harris Claims Services and such shall comply with the laws and regulations of the state of Illinois. Such will not be made if it would violate any Law applicable to such. This referral program is offered only by Harris Claims Services. All referral payments are for Harris Claims Services. Such are NOT for the Law Offices of Jason Harris. The Law offices of Jason Harris is not a participant in the referral program presented in blogs and web pages.