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Andrew Lee Testimonial

Jason, I wanted to send this out to you a while back. Please feel free to give this to any potential client that needs your service. To any potential client considering the services of Jason Harris let me please read the following review relating to Jason and his firms.

“Over the years I have had the fortune and misfortune to have to hire attorneys and public insurance adjusters to handle my legal matters and insurance disputes. Without hesitation I recommend the services of Jason Harris both in his capacity as an attorney or as a public insurance Adjuster. Two years ago a fire destroyed a large commercial property ours (size of several blocks). Our claim was denied and that is when we first met and hired Jason. Since then we have used his services on several matters. He has settled claims for us by preparing, evaluating, and negotiating with insurance companies. He does not rest until he has reviewed all facts including the investigation into the disaster, loss, the terms of the policy, the damages and has the loss evaluated by experts such as engineers and accountants. He and his firm go beyond the call of duty. His ability as a litigator. public adjuster and fighter for us is impressive. He does not back down. Hard work and effort are second nature to him and his staff. His ability as an attorney in and out of the court room are impressive. He has assisted us in the past with million dollar claims that were denied. As noted above we used his Law offices as our attorney and he immediately went to work and sued the insurance company not only for our building losses but also for bad faith claims practices against the insurance company. It was a difficult matter. At times we were ready to give up but Jason told us not to give up and keep up the fight. We did just that and in the end he was able to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the past I have employed others, from small firms to large prestigious firms in Chicago, none of them equaled the tenacity and knowledge shown by Jason and his firms (Legal and as Public Adjusters). I never had to question a bill or ask for proof of work. His billing and fees were fair, clear and correct. He was more than fair and reasonable. Glad lo have him and his firm in my network of professionals. If you are reading this you have most likely suffered an insurance loss. I strongly urge you to consider working with one of Jason’s firms. You will not regret it.”


Andrew Lee

Noreen Testimonial

Hello Vicki,

I can hardly believe we have been back in our house for three months already! I have nearly all of the boxes unpacked from Restoration Storage, and have purchased most of the furnishings. As you can see, I finally got my old school PC (hooray! No laptop for me!) in mid–March, so I am finally ready for scanning receipts, correspondence, etc. from the fire.

As you know, my husband is disabled, and was finally able to come home and see the house for the first time on Easter Sunday. It was a special day for our family, and heartwarming to see him enjoy the beautiful home!

My next project is our backyard. Due to last summer’s drought, the lawn mower being stolen, and so much construction, it definitely needs some TLC!

I cannot begin to thank everyone at Harris Claims Services for all your efforts on our behalf. Your unsurpassed service, knowledge of the insurance industry, and professionalism are a given. However, it is the human elements of compassion, patience, and kindness that make your company truly unique, enabling your clients to accept, process, and move forward from the surreal situation of a house fire. Again, thank you, thank you!



Kathi Deahl Testimonial

Dear Madam or Sir:

I want to take this opportunity to highly recommend Jason Harris and Harris Claims Services to perform any restoration you need.

On May 18, 2003, we had an electrical fire that gutted our home. Unfortunately, we hired a company called Restore out of Franklin Park to perform the necessary work to the structure of our building. We had one problem after another with them. Finally, when nothing was getting done, we obtained Jason’s name through a mutual friend.

Jason and his crew took over and did a wonderful job of restoring our home. They came in without seeing what the house looked like before it was gutted. They did not install anything without our approval. Whenever we had any question about what they were doing, we got answers. When we called – they returned our calls. They came in and redid many things that were done incorrectly by Restore. They stayed in contact with us and our insurance company.

They got us back into our home this past April and we are very happy with the work they did.

As I know that you are reading this after suffering a loss of some kind, I wish you luck during this trying time. I would be happy to speak with you if you wish to contact me.

I would recommend Jason and his company for the work you need done.


Kathi Deahl

Benjamin and Shapiro Ltd.

Sonia Pitts Testimonial

Dear Jason:

I and my family wish to thank you for the wonderful service that you provided during our tragic time. You not only helped us out spiritually, you also repaired our home which is beautiful.

Thank you for all your support during our hard time. Please do not hesitate to call on me for any help that we might be able to give you. May God Bless You.

Very truly yours,

Sonia Pitts

Jane Garcia Testimonial

Dear Mr. Ron and Jason Harris:

As you may recall I had severe damage and loss on my home from fire and smoke damage.

This was a very bad time for both me and my family. Your company did all the work on my home. Your company and all your repairmen did a superb job both inside and out. I could never thank you enough.


Jane Garcia

Brishette Powe Testimonial

Dear Karen:

I just wanted to drop you a big line of thanks for everything you’ve done for me. I appreciate you being patient and understanding with all the times I’ve been a little unbearable and confused. I truly believe with all my heart, you have had nothing but the best intentions when it came down to helping me and for that I thank you. I believe the “Lord” sends good people to us when we’re going through something bad to let us know he’s here and everything is going to work out; to me, you are just that person the “Lord” sent to help get me through all of this. I only hope that one day I will be able to bless you the way you have blessed me. Keep that great spirit of yours and know, I will recommend you to anyone for anything.

Thank you,

Brishette Powe

Adrian Frowner Testimonial


Want to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did for me. I want you to know that I would highly recommend you to my friends and relatives. I just hope I don’t have to. Ha, Ha, Ha.

I am also letting the Insurance Company know what a terrific job you did for us.

With much appreciation,

Adrian Frowner

I retained Jason and Harris Claims Services subsequent to my neighbor’s four story tree falling on my home during a strong wind storm in October 2009. The damage was substantial- a third of the home had to be reconstructed. My insurance company wanted to settle for a nominal amount, without actually going in and see the core of the damage, which included foundation damage- the amount they offered was only a quarter of the actual cost. Thanks to Jason and his crew, my home has been restored to “new” and with their persistance, research and investigative work, they insured that my claim was paid IN FULL by the insurance company and they were there from start to finish…from the day my insurance adjuster came to review the damage til the day the construction work was completed, and ensured that the work performed was to my complete satisfaction.

I recommend Jason and Harris Claims Services to all of my friends and family. They were there for me and my family from start to finish, and made sure I wasn’t “taken” by my insurance company.

Diane Zamudio

Why I would use Harris Claims Services? One, the professionals at Harris will secure more money from your insurance company should you experience a fire or other loss. Two, the adjusting business is filled with unscrupulous people, however one exception is Jason Harris who holds himself to the highest ethical and moral standards.

Dan Scott

I was so fortunate after our house fire to have several friends and neighbors recommend Harris Insurance. Jason was dedicated, resourceful and highly focused on our claim. Not only did he work hard and bring in multiple experts to maximize our claim, as an attorney he took the claim further.. into mediation.. to increase our settlement and won tens of thousand in additional compensation. He pursued every aspect of the claim offering guidance and advice which was invaluable. Losing one’s home in a fire is traumatic, and knowing that we had an adjuster we could trust to work on our behalf rather than just settle quickly and make a quick buck was a great relief.

I would highly recommend Harris Insurance to any of my friends or family.

Elaine Stolpe

Jason helped us with a rather complex claim for a fire we had at one of our properties. Throughout the process, it became clear that Jason understands his business well. He pushed hard with the insurance company to get us what we deserved. We’ve used him multiple times and would do so again in the future.

Bart Schwartz

Jason was extremely professional and knowledgeable regarding the insurance claim for recent damage at my home. I do not believe the result would have been the same had I allowed my own insurer to adjust the loss. His company skillfully repaired the damage to my home. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Jason and his company “handled” what would have otherwise been a difficult and trying situation.

John Kay

In 2009 a fire swept through my home; caused substantial damage and displaced my family for 13 months. Jason was hired to manage the my insurance claim; liaison with insurance company and attorney on my behalf. His depth of knowledge in this area (fire claim) was impressive; his diligence and persistence rendered a substantial increase in my insurance settlement that I would never have received without his expertise. The second phase was to determine a contractor to handle the total reconstruction of my home.Upon interviewing several contractors; Jason’s contractor was who I ultimately decided to award the job. The integrity of the contractor and Jason throughout the construction was impeccable. The project went smoothly, without hitches, in a timely fashion. Any questions/details that arouse where handled to my complete satisfaction.

Given the enormous stress/difficulty/and ignorance that prevails after a devastating event such as a house fire, it truly was my good fortune to have met Jason Harris. The outcome would not have been nearly as favorable to me if he and his firm hadn’t been there to pick up the pieces, lend their experience and work so effectively on my behalf.

I can only give Jason my highest recommendation!

Carol Ysla

Each job Jason has performed has been completed in a timely fashion, in a workman-like manner and on budget. Great work product.

Hank Shulruff

Dear Ron and Jason:

Thank you for the job that was done on my house by your construction crew. If it was not for you this could not have taken place. You reconstructed my house beautifully and gave me the moral support and strength to hold my family together when the times were tough. I am glad I didn’t listen to your competitors; you proved them wrong and that they are nothing but liars. Your work speaks for itself and that goes without saying.

I am pleased with the fantastic job you did on my house.

Thank you both.

Maxine Murphy

Dear Jason and Ron:

Please accept our sincere apologies for the lateness of this letter. We did, however, want to thank you and let you know how much we really appreciated the magnificent job done by Harris Claims Services, Inc. in the restoration of our home after a devastating fire.

Initially, we had selected another Adjuster/Contractor to do the restoration, but were led (by gut feelings) to switch to Harris. This was a wise decision on our part. Harris completely restored both the inside and outside of our home, making it more beautiful than when we first purchased it. It is simply gorgeous! The comments of all who see it are the same: a) “Who did the work? b) They did a beautiful job!” (The adjectives may have changed from beautiful to fantastic, marvelous, superb, and wonderful, etc., but the sentiment remained the same.) Work of the caliber performed by Harris speaks for and sells itself, and is the best form of advertisement for any company.

We would also like to commend the staff (both those doing the physical labor and the office staff) of Harris Claims Services, Inc. The physical laborers were very professional and worked efficiently and well at all times with little or no supervision. Their work ethic was second to none. The office staff was very helpful, informative and kind. We must single out Karen, however, to thank her for her patience, understanding, guidance, knowledge, etc., for it was she with whom we interacted mostly, and who dealt with all our frustrations and problems. You entire staff were always very courteous.

Although no one wants to experience a disaster of any kind, it means an awful lot to those who are “going through” to receive assistance, compassion, guidance and the support of others in the time of a crisis. Harris Claims Services, Inc. provided this support for us and we sincerely thank you.

Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference if you so desire.
Yours sincerely,

Jerry and Myra L. Martin

Thank you for applying for Contractor Validation with the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Renovation Program. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage performs a background check which includes a review for active license, current insurance, fraud, litigation, tax liens, identity verification and where issues are identified, credit may have been pulled.

We are happy to inform you that your company validated to participate in our renovation program.

Thank you for working with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

Home Mortgage Contractor

Validation Department, Wells Fargo

Dear State Farm Insurance Companies:

This letter is to inform you of the work that was done on my building and the services that I received from Jason Harris. After our home caught fire on April 16, 2003, it was a very difficult time for my family and I. We didn’t know what step to take that next morning. We received a visit from Jason Harris and he helped find a place for my family and me to stay for the time being. That was only one of the many things that his company did for us. His staff and the companies that Jason Harris is affiliated with are very professional and friendly. Through the whole process, Jason Harris was there to make sure I was satisfied and being taken care of. He took all my phone calls, answered my questions and concerns in a timely manner. The re–construction of the building was done nicely and the people he used were very professional. They made sure that I was fully satisfied and made me very much a part of the process of getting the building back to its original structure.

I would fully recommend his company to anyone that would find themselves in this type of situation. This is a very difficult thing to go through and it’s hard to trust anyone when your whole life, as you know it, falls apart in seconds. We were watching TV and relaxing for the evening and my kids were doing their homework. We never imagined that something like this could happen.

I also would like to thank you for all your help and support you offered me. I appreciate your help and personal attention to me.
Thank you,

Alicia Oliva

Dear Jason:

We want to thank you for the terrific job that was done by Harris Claims Services in restoring our home after the fire.

Initially, we had selected one contractor, after only two weeks of working we had to fire them due to the incompetence in doing their job. We then selected another contractor and after months of dragging the job, telling us that it was the City of Chicago that was delaying our restoration, we got rid of him also (he was in it for the money). Then our light came in at the end of a dark tunnel. Through an acquaintance we met Jason Harris. From the beginning he made us feel like our problem was his problem. He made us feel good about hiring Harris Claims Services. He sat down with us and explained everything from beginning to end. Jason was even the adjuster that finished dealing with our insurance.

We would also like to commend on the staff. Karen (office) and John (head carpenter). They are both an asset to the company. Karen is just a remarkable person who is full of patience, understanding and information. John, WOW!! There are no words to describe this awesome man. He is a fountain that is overflowing of carpentry work. His crew is excellent. We thank him for giving us the guidance that we needed to finally complete this job.

In conclusion, Harris Claims Services did a magnificent job in the restoration of our home. We would not hesitate in referring them to anyone in need of this kind of service. If you need any references, please don’t hesitate to call. You have left behind a very satisfied customer.
Yours truly,

Steven and Debbie Doble

Dear Mr. Harris:

My wife and I don’t know how to thank you for the work on our home. Jason, you lived up to everything you said you would do and so much more. Saying “Thank You” just doesn’t seem enough to express how grateful we are for making our home like new.

Jason – you, Mike, and all of your workers were so helpful in so many ways.

We love you. You are the best!

Thanks again, Jason, for a job well done.

Larry and Myrtis Bradford

Dear Ms. Williams:

I would like to forward this letter to you to let you know, what a nice and pleasant job it was having my construction done by Ron and Jason Harris. During the time period that my house was being prepared, I found them to be polite and patient people. Their office staff as well as their construction crews acted in a professional manner from the start and until the entire phase of putting my home back together. Everything was explained to me and was put in writing.

I was able to relax and my nerves, even though they were a wreck for the first two weeks, began to calm down after that.

In conclusion you should know, I did not have one problem with the workmanship and I was treated with dignity and respect throughout the entire job. Everything was done in a reasonable time frame and my house now looks beautiful.


Mary Jo Pulaski

Dear Jason and Ron:

Hi, this is Bonnie Amerson. I want to thank you very much for making my home look like a mansion. I am very pleased with the work that you and your employees did. You all were always on time – never late. I had my 60th birthday party and had people all over my home, they were amazed at the way my home looked and they all wanted to know who did such an awesome job from the basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor, everything is very beautiful. So if I hear of someone needing a professional job, I will certainly give them your number. So, I first wanted to let you know how satisfied I am. If you need any reference, please don’t hesitate to call.

Thank you,

Bonnie Amerson

Dear Ron:

Our involvement with your office has always been professional, albeit adversarial.

I believe that you have known us to be tough but fair in our dealings with all Public Adjusters. And, as with all Public Adjusters, we know very little about you except for your work.

There, we find you quick, efficient and honest in our dealings. No one from Harris Claims Services has ever offered us so much as a Polish sausage sandwich or made any attempt to influence our findings. Your work has always stood on its own for us to judge.

In my 30 years of doing this job I’ve seen very few PA’s that meet the high standards of Harris Claims Services.

On the case of Haskins, I was truly impressed by the elegant work performed at her house.

Best regards,

Thomas J. McKeever

Thomas Adjustment Company

Dear Ron and Jason:

I would just like to say thank you very much for the great job you did at my home.

From the windows tot the walls, flooring, you name it – me and my wife are very pleased and 100% satisfied with you work.

We will also keep you in mind for future business, and recommend you to all family and friends.

You have made my home all I want and need for Christmas; I don’t care to get anything else.

Eddie Melenely

Dear Ron Harris of Harris Claims Services:

I’m writing this letter to send my appreciation to you and your staff. Having gone through the misfortune of having a fire was a stressful event. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where to turn; then Ron came along. He was the answer to my prayers. I have more knowledge on the dealings with homeowners insurance regarding fires, thanks to Ron and Jason Harris. I hope and pray that I never have another fire, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but I know the company and phone number that I would call: 1–847–329–8444.

Sincerely yours,

Willie Henry Jr.


Thanks for a job well done. The house looks beautiful and we are enjoying the new decorating. I will recommend you to any one that has a fire.

Thank you for everything,

Agnes McWhorter


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