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Steps above the rest. We at Harris Claims Services are not simply contractors pretending to be Adjusters.  We are public adjusters.  However, we are also  insurance claims experts and damage restoration contractors.  Our experience, knowledge and skills acquired over decades in the industry is put to work for you, the Client, NOT the Insurance Company. Harris Claims Services is different than any other public adjusting company. Harris Claims Services has the unique advantage of offering the property owner unsurpassed knowledge and expertise.  Our President is active in the company and oversees the day to day operations.  Jason Harris is not only a public adjuster and contract but also a practicing attorney. 

Benefits of Using Harris Claims Services for fire claims, insurance repairs

The trustworthiness, reputation and attention to detail that we provide to all of our clients will benefit you in the following ways:

  1. EXPERTISE in policy language to ensure your policy is enforced to its fullest extent.
  2. EXPERTS in preparing & negotiating claims.  We  will ensure all “the tricks of the trade” have been thoroughly considered; the more your insurance claim is prepared, the higher the settlement.
  3. WE DON’T TAKE SHORTCUTS, and we don’t use low-quality We understand your loss, and we treat it as “OURS.”
  4. OUR FIRM IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY JASON HARRIS. Harris Claims Services is different than any other public adjusting company. Harris Claims Services has the unique advantage of offering the property owner unsurpassed knowledge and expertise. The Company is owned by Jason Harris – Jason Harris is a practicing Attorney. He has been practicing law and litigating against insurance companies for over two decades. He and his public adjusting firm are experienced in all fields of claims adjusting from the disaster site, to the boardroom, to the negotiating table, to the courtroom if necessary.  Jason Harris reviews all the policies of insurance.  The reality is it takes an attorney to understand all the laws and language in an insurance policy.
  5. FIRE REPAIR AND INSURANCE CLAIMS IS ALL WE DO. We understand exactly how to do fire repairs and insurance repairs. We warranty and guarantee our services and fire repairs. We have been performing fire repairs for thousands of property owners for the past 30 years. We have the specific knowledge on how to perform these repairs and what they cost. Knowing the exact costs helps maximize the claim.

We assure you, your property and its contents will be restored or replaced to pre-catastrophic condition, pre fire condition or BETTER.

What Harris Can Do for You

During the claim, your insurance company will send out their company adjusters to calculate the estimate of the cost of replacing any damages from an emergency disaster; however, insurance adjusters are paid to look out for the insurance company, NOT you the policyholder.

Even if you have waited, believed the insurance company would play fair, hired your own contractor, and know still are unable to reach an acceptable settlement with your insurance company, don’t hesitate to call us. Strongly consider a different plan of action an adjust the claim. Call us and speak to us. Consider hiring a local Chicagoland public claims adjuster like Harris Claims Services. Our public insurance adjusters at Harris Claims Services can help get you significantly more than you would have otherwise received. In fact, we can get you up to 35% more on your claim and in some situation up to 200% plus. We call it the Harris Advantage.

Our team ranges from public adjusters to attorneys to general contractors to temporary housing experts, to structural engineers and more. All with specific knowledge of fire & smoke, flood & water, tornado & storm, vandalism, and other property damage claims. Remember Knowledge is Power, Power is Leverage, and Leverage gets you the proper insurance claims settlement. That is the simple and plain truth. It is unfortunate but yes you have to fight the insurance companies for what you are entitled for. They are out to make profits and keep the stock value high. To do this they have to pay out less on claims.


Costs & Fees

The fee for our public adjusting services is paid from insurance proceeds; therefore, there is no out-of-pocket expense to the policyholder. Harris Claims Services’s fees are usually 10% of the insurance company’s claims settlement with you; however, our team has helped policyholders obtain on average up to 35% more and even up to 200% more from their claims, meaning our fees are offset by the larger settlement that is obtained by using our services. We will even waive our public adjusting fee if you contract us to handle the repair and restoration process.

We want you to understand how our staff and claims process works, how we work for you, and how we can give you peace of mind. Let our licensed public adjusters, who are also attorneys, and our contractors put our years of service and experience to work for you when you need it most.

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