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Insurance Claims Help From Experienced, Trusted Adjusters


Phase 1 – Claims Adjustment: Adjust, Maximize, and Settle the Claim. Learn More

Phase 2 – Repair & Restoration: Construction & Restoration Of Damaged Property. Learn More

The Harris Advantage gives you the benefit of this two-phase operation. Our logic dictates settling the claim first and then moving to the repair process. Not the other way around. Sure insurance companies like to start repairs quickly with their own suggested contractors. Why? To minimize and control the loss. Would you ever put an addition on your home or enter into contract for your business without knowing the financial consequences and costs?

How Can We Help?

You will have the advantage of our expert assistance. Such is based on a great deal of experience in handling numerous technical problems. We relieve you of many, time–consuming, stressful and difficult matters involved in preparing and filing a claim. We maximize your insurance claims promptly. Many professionals such as attorneys refer their clients to us with confidence because they know we will serve them appropriately. We have never changed our name and have been doing this for two generations.

The insurance company adjuster will offer to pay what he views is due to you. That insurance claims adjuster is employed by the insurance company. Remember, professionals can disagree on the cost and the extent of damage to property. We, as your exclusive Public Claims Adjuster, will assess the damage as being higher than what the insurance company adjuster will. It’s simple. They are obligated to their employer, the insurance company. We are obligated to you, our client. With our experience and knowledge we will secure a more favorable settlement for you.

Our Responsibility To You

As your pro public insurance adjuster we complete every phase of preparing, presenting and negotiating your claim. HARRIS CLAIMS SERVICES will not rest until we have accomplished our goal — simply, a maximized settlement which you are entitled under your insurance policy.

We Adjust Claims For Business Owners

As professional loss consultants, we can shoulder partial or full responsibility for preparing a claim at a time of great stress and turmoil for you and your family. We ease the burden of recovering from a disaster by handling any phase of the preparation and presentation of the claim, allowing the company’s management to devote full attention to the ongoing operation of its business. Our staff of experts easily handles business claims such as loss of business income, business interruption just to name a few.

Receive A More Prompt & Satisfactory Settlement

Harris Claims Services will move immediately to comply with the policy requirements to obtain and evaluate the facts and prepare the claim. The alert, knowledgeable, and prompt service that Harris Claims Services provides, preserves evidence that may otherwise be overlooked or destroyed. Once an insured has witnessed the skill and knowledge of our pro claims adjusters, a sense of relief, or “weight off my shoulders” is felt. Harris Claims Services most frequent sources of new clients are from the recommendations of those we have previously served. While it is our office which will prepare, support, and negotiate the claim, the ultimate decision to accept is with the owner.


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